The entertainers Singapore event planners hire for events and parties.


Event planners hire Jugglers because jugglers present a wholesome approach to entertain, engage or educate people at event and parties. Moreover, jugglers add to the atmosphere of any event or party. Jugglers are entertainers Singapore event planners place in event programmes to customise their events in three ways. Read through the sections below to explore three different facets of Juggling Singapore.



Juggling entertains people. Juggling entertainment offers a variety of styles of presentation and formats. As a performing art, Juggling stands on its own, with sub-genres that have their own appeal.

Jimmy Juggler entertains at events Singapore

Juggling provides excellent crowd-pleasing entertainment!

Juggling has been around for some 4000 years (as recorded throughout history) and transcends nations, cultures, and languages. Many circus shows all over the world feature a Juggling act because Juggling acts add a special dimension to the shows. View the List of Services.



Juggling fascinates people because of how the Juggler “interacts” with the objects being juggled. The Juggler often uses his hands to make stationary objects move in imaginative and creative ways.

Singapore Juggler engages audience

Juggling brings out the smiles in people – naturally!

Often, the Juggler appears to defy gravity; at other times, the Juggler seems to play with gravity to achieve what appears to be impossible. The sheer variety of movements and patterns makes this performing art a visual treat at any event. View the List of Services.



Juggling is an enjoyable activity, which encompasses skills requiring both physical and mental agility. Learning to juggle can be both fun and challenging at the same time.

Learn to juggle from Singapore Juggler

Learn to juggle at teambuilding sessions!

For many people, a large part of the fun is in “trying to do what seems impossible”. The challenge is in learning the skills required. Juggling also provides much scope for self-expression. It is also well-known that Juggling can enhance one’s concentration skills and also improve hand-eye coordination. View the List of Services.


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