Roving Entertainer or Stage Show?

So you’re in the midst of planning for an event or party, and it occurs to you that having some entertainment is a grand idea. Would it be better to have a roving entertainer or a stage performance during the event? How do you make that choice? Now, of course, you might want to have both formats. However, what if you’re facing constraints that allow you to only have one type of format?

Here’s a brief guide on how to choose whether to have roving or stage entertainers.


Choosing a Roving Entertainer or Stage Performance

First, let’s take a look at the two different formats of entertainment.

Roving Entertainment is a format in which the entertainer walks about the venue. He or she entertains people wherever they go. This is really an informal format of entertainment as there are many variables: location, number of people, lighting conditions, weather conditions, and so on. The entertainer decides on what to perform as he or she goes along the way. Here’s a video slideshow of a Roving Juggler at work.

By comparison, Stage Entertainment is a format that is fairly rigid. There is a fixed location. Most often, there’s a stage or raised platform. Sometimes, it’s a performance space marked out on the floor. There’s always a stage programme to follow. There’s also audio and visual support provided. The audience is usually seated or standing around the stage or performance area. Thus, this is a formal format of entertainment. Here’s a video clip of a Stage Juggler at work. See a photo of a stage show.


How to choose between the two formats, especially when you might be able to choose only one? Use the following criteria as a guide:

  • Location and physical space available
  • Type of the event or party
  • Flow of the various activities from one to the next
  • Flow of people in and out of the venue
  • Level of interaction required between the entertainer and the audience
  • Duration of the event or party
  • Budget for the event or party

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