Hire jugglers in Singapore for your event or party. The Art of Juggling presents amazing stunts and tricks that are real. In other words, these are not illusions. Juggling is a performing art that involves the mastery of various skills. Watch the video below:



Hire Jugglers for your Event or Party

Add something different to your event or party with a Juggler or more. Jugglers can entertain people with a variety of juggling acts. Moreover, Jugglers can interact with people at your event or party in amusing and interesting ways. Finally, Jugglers can use their performance art as a means to educate people about a topic, or to enjoy the Art Of Juggling itself!


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  • Stage Shows
  • Performance Sets
  • Variety Acts
  • Opening Acts
  • Closing Acts
  • Corporate Shows
  • Dinner & Dance Shows
  • Carnival and Funfair Shows
  • Family-friendly Shows
  • Children’s or Kids’ Shows
  • Professional Juggling
  • Comedy Juggling
  • LED Juggling
  • Fire Juggling
  • Knives Juggling



  • Product Roadshow Crowd-pulling
  • Activity-based Learning
  • Seminar Activities
  • Conference Activities
  • Talks that use “Juggling” metaphorically



  • Workshops
  • Lessons
  • Try-out Sessions
  • Discovery Activities
  • Props and Materials

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Hire Jugglers to add novelty to your Event or Party

Jugglers bring a particular energy to any event or party because Juggling is dynamic. The Art Of Juggling features movements that can sometimes be fast, slow, high, or low. Therefore, the Juggler’s actions bring about an interesting contrast to other activities. Having a Juggler or Jugglers at an event or party is a novelty because Juggling is both visual and dynamic. Find out more about Juggling.